Catalonia independence

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Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain: What to know

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Pro-independence MP Quim Torra narrowly elected, paving way for end to rule by Madrid Published: 14 May Catalonia's parliament elects hardline secessionist as president. Nov 13,  · The Spanish government said it has intelligence suggesting Russian-based groups used social media to spread "misinformation" related to Catalonia's independence referendum.

The US State Department said it supports the Spanish government's right to take control of Catalonia after the region's parliament declared independence Friday. BARCELONA, Spain - The regional parliament of Catalonia approved a plan Monday to set up a road map for independence from Spain byin defiance of the central government.

The chamber, based.

Early day motion 1748

Oct 01,  · BARCELONA, Spain — Catalonia’s defiant attempt to stage an independence referendum descended into chaos on Sunday, with hundreds injured in clashes with police in one of the gravest tests of.

Sep 26,  · BARCELONA, Spain — Separatist lawmakers declared Catalonia’s independence from Spain on Oct.

Why does Catalonia want independence from Spain?

27, prompting the central government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to take administrative control.

Catalonia independence
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Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain explained - BBC News