Fstb companies ordinance re write a sentence

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Rewriting Hong Kong's companies law

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Companies Ordinance (No. 28 of 2012)

Financial Secretary. Government of Hong Kong. Dear Sir, Ermanno Pascutto was appointed on November 23, to conduct a review of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and to report to you.

Home Standards and regulation Standards Resource centre New Companies Ordinance Companies Ordinance (No. 28 of ) Share.

Q&A on Financial reporting issues FSTB Consultation Paper on the rewrite of the Accounting and Auditing Provisions of the Companies Ordinance ().

Welcome to the Companies Ordinance (“CO”) Rewrite homepage. This site provides information on the rewrite exercise which took place between and The new CO has come into operation on 3 March In mid, the Government launched a major and. 1 FSTB Consultation Paper on the rewrite of the Accounting and Auditing Provisions of the Companies Ordinance 1.

The proposals in the Consultation Paper are based on the work of the. Ordinance and the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance Despite these changes, the consensus was that further amendment to the Companies Ordinance (the “Ordinance”) was necessary.

In mid, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”) launched a .

Fstb companies ordinance re write a sentence
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