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Henrietta Branford

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When Henrietta Branford, who has died aged 53, won last year's Guardian children's fiction prize for Fire, Bed And Bone, she had already been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Henrietta Branford Henrietta Diana Primrose Longstaff Branford [1] (12 January – 23 April ) was an English author of children's books. Her greatest success was Fire, Bed and Bone (), a historical novel set during the English peasants' revolt of Notable works: The Fated Sky, Fire, Bed and Bone.

The Henrietta Branford Writing Competition is an annual competition for young people which runs in conjunction with the prestigious Branford Boase Award which was set up in memory of the outstanding children’s writer Henrietta Branford and the gifted editor, Wendy Boase, Editorial Director of.

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Do you have a passion for writing stories? Enter the Henrietta Branford writing competition and begin your journey to literary success! This .

Henrietta branford writing companies
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