Juveniles in prison

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Youth incarceration in the United States

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Types of prison sentences

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Most juveniles tried as adults, and/or placed in adult facilities, are being denied education and subjected to various dangers, both of which can lead to permanent setbacks and high rates of recidivism.

Juveniles Tried As Adults: What Happens When Children Go to Prison

Prison inmates can reduce anger and hostility and significantly decrease recidivism through practice of Transcendental Meditation.

The Ridge House offers a wide range of services, all with one goal in mind: to empower our clients to become independent, contributing community members. The range of prison sentences a court can give - including suspended, fixed-term, indeterminate and life sentences.

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in Falcon v. State that juveniles not convicted of murder may not be sentenced to life in prison, and that even those convicted of murder may not be sentenced to life without parole, citing a U.S. Supreme Court precedent that children are inherently less.

Juveniles in prison
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Juvenile Life Without Parole: An Overview | The Sentencing Project