Songwriting companies

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Pioneering The Online Based Music Production Company

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List Of Music Publishers

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How To Get Songs Or Lyrics Into the Music Business!

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Colon Songwriters advance in their role by writing skills for bigger artists and therefore earning a detailed income. Here is a list of music publishers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, including both major and independent companies.

Also included are links to company websites.


Because there are literally thousands of. Songwriting services and memorials with over 20 years of experience by Jay Stansfield from The Songwriting Company.

The Songwriting Team, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles (in ) with one main goal in mind The help people like you have access to the world’s top talent no matter where you are located. We noticed a problem. Songwriters who sign an exclusive songwriting agreement with a publisher are called staff writers.

Being a staff writer effectively means that, during the term of the songwriter's contract with the publisher, all their songs are automatically published by that company and cannot be published elsewhere.

Music Publishers Directory

Songwriter Central helps songwriters & lyric-writers get started and succeed in the music industry, by connecting them with the right music producers & record companies, and providing them with the guidance & direction necessary to become a hit songwriter.

This is an Index of our interviews & articles with hit songwriters, producers and artists in the R&B, urban and hip-hop music genres. There are interviews with Ne-Yo, John Legend, Mike Elizondo, C. Tricky Stewart, Narada Michael Walden, Bryan-Michael Cox, Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire, and many others.

Songwriting companies
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